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Rabbit Boarding at The Rabbit Shop
Rabbit Boarding at The Rabbit Shop

Phone: 9317 6615


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my rabbit in for boarding?

Please call the Rabbit Shop, or email using the details that can be found on the Contact Us page. Our staff will then email or fax you a boarding form, which you will need to fill out in order to secure a position for your bunny to board. 

Can you groom/nail clip my rabbit while they're staying with you?

We offer a range of grooming and medical procedures while your rabbit stays with us - an appointment will have to be booked, so please let our staff know when you book your bunny in, or when you bring your bunny in so that this can be arranged.

What will my rabbit be fed while they are being boarded?

Rabbits and guinea pigs staying with us are fed grass mix, made of oaten chaff, lucerne chaff, timothy hay and Thompson and redwood pellets. If required, a pellet-free version of this mix can be given to your pet. Fresh carrots are fed out twice daily, and are always available within your rabbit's cage, and Chinese vegies are fed out twice daily. If you would like your pet to be fed other foods then please bring them along and we can accommodate them.

Can I bring my rabbit's toys and bowls?

Absolutely! Anything that you think may let your rabbit feel more at home you are most welcome to bring along.Please make sure such items are labeled so that they are not mistaken for other bunny's things.

My rabbit is on medication, is this ok?

Our staff are well trained in giving all kinds of medications, so this is no problem. Please let our staff know when you book your bunny in that medication is required.

What happens if my rabbit becomes sick and you can't contact me?

If a rabbit becomes sick whilst boarding with us we try every means possible to get in touch with you. If this is not possible, the emergency contact specified on the boarding form will be contacted. If this is not successful then we follow instructions given by you on the boarding form, which indicate the level of care you wish your pet to receive, should illness happen. Please read this section carefully and be sure that it is filled out when you submit your boarding form.

Where are the boarding facilities located?

Our boarding facilities are located at 10/20 Shields crescent, and associated units in Booragoon, Western Australia.

What else do I have to know?

A 25% deposit must be paid in order to secure a hutch or enclosure for your bunny, when the boarding form is submitted. Please ask our staff how best to do this, as it must be paid before your bunny is dropped off.

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